Wake Up Slow.

Oh, hey there Wednesday, you’re looking good out there. Let’s just stay at 65 degrees this morning and not get any hotter, okay?

I just finished a cup of tea and have been taking advantage of the morning by doing good things like perusing the news, writing, and reading encouraging scripture. I love to wake up slow before the workday begins, before the heat of late morning sets in and there’s suddenly twelve different things to do and places to be. Having the time in the a.m. to actually finish a story in The Times and butter my bagel without getting crumbs all over the counters and floor because I’m already returning work calls is a nice feeling. I didn’t get enough sleep last night but every morning this week I have woken up between 5-6:30 feeling refreshed and ready to go, despite having not gone to bed until midnight or later the night before. When this happens it always becomes a great dilemma for me. Do I go back to ┬ásleep because I know that I need more hours of rest if I don’t want to turn into a wicked witch with no patience for the smiley 17-year old at Starbucks who will ask me too many questions about how I want my post-lunch cup of joe? Or do I pop-up from under the blankets and begin the day with the sunrise, getting an early start at work and savoring a slow breakfast? Usually, I just go back to sleep. This morning, though, I decided I’d just get up when I felt like it, which happened to be around 6:00 a.m.

Hopefully I’m still of use to the world by 2 p.m.

Time to get going, have yourself a happy hump day. I’ll leave you with a weird, provocative, and informative News Story Round-Up from all around the web:

L.A. Times: Obese Adults Should Get Counseling, Federal Task Force Says.


Atlantic Magazine: Why Women Can’t Have It All.


NyTimes: Grazing in the Stacks of Academe.


Whole Life Times: The Delicate Balance of Work and Income.


Travel and Leisure: World’s Scariest Bridges.


NyTimes Well Blog: Sold on the Feeling, if Not the Benefits to Health.


NPR: What Nora Ephron Taught Me About Love in The Movies.


By the way, I updated my Book Shelf page if you are into reading books and stuff.

Make today a good day, friends.


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June 27, 2012