Songs for Sand & Sun: Summer 2012.

So much can be contained in a song. Music has a way of getting inside of us, validating and soothing, sparking and subduing the good and bad in our hearts, or giving us reason to throw up our hands and dance, or collapse to floor and cry when that’s necessary. And sometimes, it is.

When a song grabs you and sweeps you away in the current of it’s sound and structure, there are few experiences that are quite as cathartic and freeing.

An annoying and long commute home after a taxing day when my eyes are tired and my spirit is low, can be redeemed and restored in that moment when a ballad that I know and love comes on the radio and washes over me like a wave breaking over hot, sticky, sun-dried skin. It cools me off. It reminds me that all is okay and life is still beautiful.

I tend to catalog and identify with past seasons and cycles of my life based upon the music I was listening to at the time. My first semester at The University of Florida and every memory made there, plays to the sound of The Shins and anything by Peter Bjorn and John or Feist, circa 2008. The winter of ’07 will forever be married to The Band of Horses album “Cease to Begin,” and the Fall of last year can’t be recalled without hearing Bon Iver’s self-titled album and Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” and “Blue Jeans” in my head. Music helps me remember and appreciate and sometimes, when I need it to, it helps me forget.

Last Summer I created a “Top 10 Necessary Albums For Summer” which you can check out here. This Summer, I’ve put together a play-list that is about as random and across-the-board as a play-list can get, with everything from guilty-pleasure pop and 1960’s sing-a-long’s that won’t ever go out of style.

For me this represents what I’m listening to and loving right now, all different, but each spectacular in it’s own way. And in a year or maybe after a few, I’ll hear these songs and they will make me feel, and possibly long for, whatever it is that will make the Summer of 2012 special. There’s no theme here besides these songs being the perfect songs for celebrating sandy toes and sun-tans, sweet iced tea and summer love, and the way that first sip of a cold beer tastes when it hits your lips at sunset, making a long, hot Summer afternoon, and the ones to come, something to be grateful for.

Songs for Sand & Sun – Summer 2012:

The Generationals – Yours Forever.

The Tallest Man on Earth – 1904.

The Beach Boys – California Girls.

The Naked and Famous – Young Blood.

Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs – Stay.

The Drifters – Under The Boardwalk.

Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al.

MGMT – Electric Feel.

Givers – Up, Up, Up.

Major Tom – Coming Home.

Grimes – Oblivion.

Beyonce – Love On Top.

Jay-Z & Kanye West Ft. Curtis Mayfield – The Joy.

Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed.

The Walkmen – Heartbreaker.


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June 28, 2012