Sunday Bagel & Paper.

Top of the mornin’ to you, my friends.

Can you believe it’s already Monday again tomorrow? Did this past week just sort of feel like one long, perpetual holiday weekend? It did for me. Despite my last not-so-positive post about my feelings back West, this weekend has turned out to be not so bad. We went paddle boarding in Long Beach yesterday with some friends, ate cheap tacos at a perfectly greasy taco joint, and celebrated the end of a warm suntanned day with a late night cookout at a friend’s place where there were twinkle lights, good music, cold beer, and a circle of friends all wasted from sun and laughter. It was good.

And on a Sunday morning, so is this:

A bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jam alongside a cup of hot Green Tea and the L.A. Times. Eating a bagel while reading the news just feels like a fitting combination for a sleepy weekend morning, doesn’t it?

Happy Sunday Funday. More posts are coming so be patient and… eat a bagel (or a cupcake) in the meantime.



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