Wednesday Night Round-Up.

Hey friends. Happy Wednesday night! I hope this week has been good to you. And if it hasn’t, hang in there. It gets better.

I know there’s been a lot of negativity and tragedy in the news lately — the Aurora shooting, the Penn State scandal aftermath, heat and drought and storms all over the country, the massacres and unrest in Syria — the list goes on. It would be easy to feel less-than-awesome about the state of the world but it’s hard to imagine a time that it hasn’t been. What happened last Friday in Colorado shook the country. Violence like that, involving a mass of innocent people, always feels like a bucket of ice cold water dumped over the head — it’s rattles us out of complacent slumber and uncomfortably sobers us up to the reality of human mortality and evil. This is never fun. But it’s part of life and should act as a reminder to relish and be exceedingly thankful for every breath of air we take into our bodies and every person we love and care for.

From one of my favorite movies, The Help, I thought I’d share this clip with you, in hopes that you take the time to repeat these words to yourself when you find yourself stuck in the muck of a bad mood or feeling discouraged about the news or a stressful day at work. I’ve been saying this to myself every morning this week while I prance around the apartment getting ready for the day. It’s like twenty-seconds long so there’s no excuse for you not to watch it, and repeat it back to yourself:

It’s so simple and so true, say it with me, people: You Is Smart, You Is Kind, You Is Important. You are these things and don’t let yourself forget it.

In other news, there were riots taking place in our neighborhood, near downtown Anaheim and City Hall, yesterday. For most of the night there were helicopters circling over our area with spotlights, an Urban Command Post set up in the church parking lot behind our apartment complex, and swarms of cop cars everywhere. There were also firetrucks and ambulance sirens going off about every twenty-minutes. How’s that for a boring ol’ Tuesday night in the OC, eh?

The riots grew violent as businesses were vandalized, cops were injured, trash cans were set on fire, traffic was blocked, and 24 people were arrested. This all literally took place a half of a mile from my bedroom. Insanity.

Two fatal shootings involving two officers last weekend in Anaheim sparked the rioting. You can read more about it here.

The Disneyland fireworks just started popping in the sky outside and the sun has now fully set, which means I must get to the important things like blow-drying the 3o pounds of damp hair on my head and packing my lunch while shaking my derriere to this:

I may or may not be kidding. I’ll leave the truth up to your imagination.

And finally, for your weeknight wind-down & reading pleasure, here’s a round-up of some intriguing and really interesting stories from all around the web. I picked them out for you. Yeah, you! So…read one. Or three. And remember: You is smart, you is kind, you is important. G’night.

From Juvie to J.D.: The Story of a ‘Runaway Girl.’ – via NPR.

Provigil: The Secret to Success.  – via ABC News.

Life, Interrupted: Am I a Cancer Survivor? – via NYTimes.

Meltdown in Motherland. – via NYTimes.

Hello From The Underclass: Unemployment Stories Vol. 1 – via Gawker.

A Runner’s Belief: God is His Coach. – via NYTimes.

Oh, and in case you missed it, published a piece of mine that I wrote a while back about Weight Loss & Happiness. Check it out.



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July 26, 2012