Post-Move Update: I’m Alive.

What. a. week.

Can I just tell you how happy I am that it’s Friday? I need this weekend more than I’ve needed a weekend in a long time. The past five days have sucked every ounce of  life from me and left me feeling bone-tired and begging for some semblance of normalcy and regularity amidst the process of moving. I’m not complaining here, I’m just freakin’ exhausted. (Okay, maybe that is complaining.) And I’m ready to have our TV and internet set-up (hopefully today – fingers crossed) in our new place. Oh, and an organized kitchen not littered with boxes and crumpled newspaper and stray Tupperware and dishes that only allow me about 1/14 of counter-space to do important things like make a PB&J or inject caffeine into my veins in the morning. That would be nice. But all in due time, right?

This weekend I am deliberately making zero plans to do anything that doesn’t involve unpacking the 459 dishes we’ve somehow accumulated over our past three years of wedded bliss and getting my life (and the wardrobe that hangs in my closet) back in order before I have to set my alarm for Monday morning again. Sleep, fresh veggies, deep breathing, and solving the mystery of how I managed to lose at least eight really important items of mine in the process of packing, will be of invaluable importance to me over the next two days.

Speaking of fresh veggies, I can’t tell you how over take-out I am. I really mean over it. Granted, I could eat Chipotle every day and probably never get tired of it, but I miss cold, crisp refrigerator salads (refrigerator salad= salad made using whatever fresh vegetables and greens and things you can scrounge up from your fridge), and home-cooked healthy things and foods that aren’t served up a paper bag and cost $8.00. And my digestive system will greatly appreciate the veggies and greens, too.

One unexpectedly positive thing about this past week has been the lack of technology. I haven’t cracked open my laptop once or touched the television remote (no internet/ cable being the reason), and it’s been, I daresay, cleansing, in a way. Each night has looked something like this: home from work, eat Subway/ Panera/ Mexican take-out for dinner, shower, unpack until 10-11, and then lay down with a book and get lost in the words and lose track of time and responsibility — escapism at it’s best. I’ve enjoyed not having a bright screen to stare at and turn me into a zombie for 2-3 hours while trying to decide whether I want to surrender my dignity to the black hole of Reddit or HuffPost or the rabbit trails that Facebook’s Newsfeed lead me onto, or watch whatever HBO show or sitcom the husband has on, which is always what happens when I have my laptop open in front of the TV with no clear purpose or reason for indulging in either. Besides the treat of not having to use my brain for said amount of time, of course.

Another positive thing about this week: we successfully moved into a cool, new apartment that we love. That’s a pretty big deal, right? I sure think so. And it makes the past few nights of pathetically restless sleep, the bloat in my belly after one too many Chipotle burritos, and the aches and pains in my lower-body accrued from lifting and moving around 50+ pound boxes every night, totally worth the fuss.

Now say it with me, friends: T-G-I-F.

Over & out.




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August 3, 2012