In 1987, a Led Zeppelin loving fisherman and his wispy, olive-skinned Italian wife had a baby. They named her “Jamie.”

That would be me.

Hi! And welcome to my blog.


I’m a writer by nature and by compulsion. It is my dearest love.

I don’t just write, I accumulate experiences through exploration and experimentation.


The chronicles found here are but a brief, yet thorough documentation of a life spent in wonder. Here you will be treated to observe the thoughts of an uncomplicated southern girl encountering the paradox that is Southern California.

The mysteries of the west can tug on the tender parts of a young girl’s heart in unique and dangerous ways.  Wide open expanses, the edge of civilization, the push of humanity, concrete and metal, flesh and blood.  As I seek to understand meaning in sustenance and self, I invite you to sit back and enjoy the adventure with me.





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    Welcome to everydaydolce.
    I hail from a small town in sunny Central Florida. I moved to Southern California in 2009 & make my living as a social worker & freelance writer. I'm also a vegetarian and a runner who loves Radiohead, the ocean, red wine, sweet potatoes, Zach Galifinakis, Lindt peanut butter chocolate balls, doodling, and talkin' to Jesus. And I try to never underestimate the power of paying attention. E-mail me at berube.jamie@gmail.com
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