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Taking Time Off.

I do not want to write the words that I am about to write here. Every part of me wants to believe that I do not need to write them but the past few weeks have proven otherwise. And that’s… continue reading »

Where Are We Going?

It is Wednesday and we have rain.¬†Sweet, melodious-sounding, cold, and desperately-needed rain. Thank you, Jesus. Southern California can be a strange place to live. I realize this when I notice how excited I get when the forecast calls for rain… continue reading »

This Mundane Life.

This morning on the drive to work The Beatles song “Across The Universe” came on the radio as I scrambled to find my mascara at a red light. Most of the time I don’t pay much attention to the music… continue reading »

Finding My “Love Supreme.”

Today I stood behind a middle-aged woman in line at a Subway sandwich shop who wasn’t having a good day. I know this because she announced it to all patrons within earshot as well as the employees behind the counter.… continue reading »

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