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Went Places and Came Back Like This: Chapter 1.

Single. Sober. Striving. I am not much. But I am these three things. Today, somewhere in the blur of spring 2016, baptized by the flames of what has felt like five hundred fires. Over and over and over. And then… continue reading »

Taking Time Off.

I do not want to write the words that I am about to write here. Every part of me wants to believe that I do not need to write them but the past few weeks have proven otherwise. And that’s… continue reading »

Where Are We Going?

It is Wednesday and we have rain.¬†Sweet, melodious-sounding, cold, and desperately-needed rain. Thank you, Jesus. Southern California can be a strange place to live. I realize this when I notice how excited I get when the forecast calls for rain… continue reading »

This Mundane Life.

This morning on the drive to work The Beatles song “Across The Universe” came on the radio as I scrambled to find my mascara at a red light. Most of the time I don’t pay much attention to the music… continue reading »

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