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Flesh and Bones

The Drive Home

Off Days

What Therapy Has Taught Me

How I Deal With Bad Days

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My Special Friend

My Mother\’s Daughter


Cupcake Ecstasy

My First Vegetarian Easter

Summertime and Pizza

Yummy Berry Buttermilk Cake

Goat Cheese Goodness

Buttercream In My Hair

A Silly Little Sandwich

  • Nice to meet you.

    Welcome to everydaydolce.
    I hail from a small town in sunny Central Florida. I moved to Southern California in 2009 & make my living as a social worker & freelance writer. I'm also a vegetarian and a runner who loves Radiohead, the ocean, red wine, sweet potatoes, Zach Galifinakis, Lindt peanut butter chocolate balls, doodling, and talkin' to Jesus. And I try to never underestimate the power of paying attention. E-mail me at berube.jamie@gmail.com
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